The Ultimate Game of Would you Rather

I hate to break it to you guys, but....

Your ass is not your most important asset

In today's world we're so caught up in how to “grow a bigger booty” that we’ve forgotten how to grow our character, our interests, and our values.

Booty. Bum. Tush. Tuckus (my personal favourite). Peach. Ass. Humps. Full Moon. The J-Lo. Backside.

I look around and I see endless bum photos. EVERYWHERE.

It’s getting to the point that I can actually recognize who someone is, by their tuckus.

I’m serious.

I feel like speaking up and saying “Hey Sharon, I see you got those new Nike pants. They look smashing on you”.

As a disclaimer I take full responsibility for contributing to this madness, for I too have been guilty of taking the ever popular “booty pic”.

However, I would like to defend myself and say I only took the photo for a transformational or fitness related purpose …. I know, I don't buy it either.

I believe the most appropriate punishment should be similar to that of one bad ass female: Cersei Lannister.

(Although Cersei may look like a real jerk, I hope you can take a step back and see that based on the time period she was living in, Cersei was the definition of a powerhouse woman. G-O-A-L-S)

Anyways, now that I am rightfully accused of my wrong doings, let’s address the real problem at hand.


Dang that felt good to get off my chest.

Nobody cares what you look like.

Rephrase: Nobody important cares what you look like.

This is the ultimate game of would you rather, so ask yourself:

Would you rather:

· Spend your time meeting new people OR clicking “follow” to 100 people you’ll never meet?

· Read things that’ll challenge you, grow you and make you cry/laugh/dream,OR spend hours reading various articles that have different theories about how to develop the perfect body?

· Use your money towards travelling or signing up for a new hobby, OR use your money for another online guide that promises to “grow your booty in six weeks”?

· Have a group of friends that are obsessed with appearances OR have a group of friends who are obsessed with the character of a person?

· Offer 100 likes a day on things you “want so badly” OR learn how to like yourself

· Peanut butter and jam OR peanut butter and honey? (Seriously my sister and I have been fighting about this for years. PB & J ALL THE WAY!)

Reading this list may provoke feelings of anger, sadness, confusion – no emotion is off limits.

Just bear in mind that these questions are not intended to make you feel guilty but rather to make you assess if what you want matches how you’re living.

When it comes to certain points, you’ll want the best of both options; time to read various novels and time to read fitness forums.

You want to comment, like and follow on Instagram, but you also want quality deep relationships in-person.

You want to travel but you want to purchase a new fitness program

This is balance.

Find your balance.

Find your favourite fitness articles and save them.

Find credible sources of inspiration that are educated and live their life with balance.

Just stop believing that a better body will make you happier – it won’t.

Achieving a bigger social media following won’t add any more value to your character

Growing your booty is not the equivalent to growing your interests.

Find your character.

Find your values.

Find your interests.

Pursue them with an intense passion and be prepared to marvel at your life.

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