No Potato Mash: all the flavour without the spud!

Looking around it often appears that carbs run the world. No seriously, whether you're gluten intolerant, celiac, or just trying to limit your intake of carbohydrates - carbs are everywhere!

No matter what category you fall into, coming up with carb-replacement food dishes can be challenging. Let me introduce you to a couple easy recipes. You'll notice all of these incorporate the same main carb-replacement: the ever-delicious cauliflower!

1. No Potato Mash

- 1 cauliflower head

- 1/3 cup EVOO

- 1/3 cup cream

- 1/3 cup Romano cheese

- 4 to 6 garlic cloves

- seasoning of choice

Wash and break cauliflower into pieces. Season garlic and place in aluminum foil with the broken cauliflower. Wrap tightly together and bake at 230/450 degrees for 45 to 55 mins.

Remove from oven and place in casserole dish.

Mash to desired texture. Mix in EVOO, cream, and cheese.

Perfect as a side for any lunch or dinner meal.

Serves 4.

Nutrition per serving = approximately 287 calories; 9.5g carbs, 3.7g fibre

2. Protein Rich Cauli-Bread