On your big day, all eyes are on you.

You feel like you're on cloud nine and, naturally, you want to look it too.

Sweating for the Wedding is designed to help you accomplish all of your fitness

and nutrition goals before you say

"I do".

Are you "Sweating for the Wedding?"

"Sweating for the Wedding: Nutrition" is a customized 12 week meal plan that'll make sure you're wedding day ready!

  • Designed and specified to you

  • 12 weeks of planned meals (as determined by your preferences & goals)

  • Changes to your plan will be made on an ongoing - as needed - basis

  • Unlimited email support

*We work with all ages, stages, and dietary preferences*
**Yes, we work with brides and grooms!**

Our program is one you've never seen before and is designed to get you results.

Are you ready to Slay for your Big Day?

*please note that a percentage of every sale will be donated to 'Gillian House', a women's safe house in Niagara*

Combining the nutrition and workout aspects from our best selling "Sweating for the Wedding" programs - this is our ultimate wedding package.

Our nutrition and fitness programming is designed to help you rock your goals before you rock your wedding dress.

Created for any fitness level.

Can be designed for both gym and in-home workouts.

Challenging, delicious, and unique.

Are you Sweating for the Wedding?

*please note that a percentage of every sale will be donated to 'Gillian House', a women's safe house in Niagara*

Our "Sweating for the Wedding: Exercise Guide" is a 12 week program designed to help you reach your goals before you say "I Do!"

Whether you're new to fitness or an experienced lifter, our programs are custom designed for any level.

No gym? No problem!

Plans are available for those with gym access, as well as those working out from home.


  • A 12 week workout guide for an in-home or gym setting

  • Unique programming. Your plan will include a variety of training techniques to keep you progressing towards your goals

  • Unlimited email support​

  • Regular changes will be made to your plan every 4-6 weeks


*We work with brides and grooms*

**Programs can be designed for more than 12 weeks - shoot us a message and lets discuss your time frame**

Bride Mode: On

*please note that a percentage of every sale is donated to the Gillian's House, a Women's Safe-House in Niagara*