Helping people re-discover what their body is capable of, or helping them discover it for the very first time - is what motivates me as a coach. 

Whether I'm working with a client, or training on my own, my goal with every session is to create a positive environment; in our community, negative words just don't exist. 

No matter who I'm working with, we're pushing past boundaries and finding new reasons to feel inspired by how strong and capable our bodies are. 


The passion I developed for fitness never had a significant starting point. Being active was always a part of my life so when it was time to choose a career path - there was no second guessing which yellow brick road I was going down.


Graduating from college with honors, I started my first company at 19 and threw myself into the world of personal training; I became an amateur boxer and worked for various clubs instructing crossfit, boxing, TRX, yoga, strength-training, name it and I've probably taught it. 


I believe knowledge can only take you so far and then passion leads the rest of the way.

I don't just work in this industry, I live for the satisfaction of helping others become someone they never knew existed. It's that gumption that allows me to deliver the highest quality of undivided attention to each and every soul I work with.


Furthering my education is part of the reason I'm able to provide the BEST.

Check out some of the recent courses I've taken, and the certifications I've attained.


  • Certified Professional Trainers Network Personal Training Certificate (CPTN)

  • Honors Diploma, Sheridan College, Fitness Leadership

  • YMCA Canada, Strength Instructor

  • MOSSA, Group Power Instructor

  • YMCA Canada, Cycle Instructor

  • YMCA Canada Trainer and IC Level II

  • YMCA Canada, Aquafit Instructor

  • CPR & First Aid, St. Johns Ambulance


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