Rusty: Owner

Trainer - Free Spirit - Ice Cream Connoisseur

I believe knowledge only takes you so far, and then passion leads the rest of the way. But furthering my education is part of the reason I'm able to provide the best. Here's my background:

  • Certified Professional Trainers Network PT Certificate (CPTN)

  • Honors Diploma, Sheridan College, Fitness Leadership

  • YMCA Canada: Strength, Power, Cycle, Personal Trainer Level 2

  • Nutritional Coaching Institute: Nutrition Coach (NCI)


Recent Courses:

  • Female Fat Loss Forever

  • How to Fix a Broken Metabolism

  • Is Strength Training Really Necessary for Aesthetics?

  • Breaking Down Food

  • The Psychology of Weight Loss

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I was not raised to be who I am now,
but here I am...

I got into fitness at 15 years old after I was shocked to realize I couldn't run 1 lap of my school track without feeling sick.

I spent the following summer running. Everyday. A little further. Until I could run 5km.

I joined my first gym at 16 and fell in love with the world of fitness.

I was not raised to be who I am now, but here I am.

Growing up overweight, I had a terrible relationship with food, zero confidence, and I believed that anyone who could workout regularly, eat the veggies, drink the water and just be successful - must have been born with a different wiring than me.

Yet here I am.

My journey through the world of fitness, (the good, the bad, and the dreadful), helped me become my truest, most confident, most capable self. It's where I fell in love with what my body could do and what my mind could overcome. It's where I learned that health is more than just aesthetics.

It was my own journey that made me want to help others find their power.

It's been a wild ride full of learning curves, great successes, tears, and the gift of transformations (internal and external)

And we're just getting started... 

Let's Be Homies

I love connecting with new people so feel free to reach out via email, Instagram, TikTok, or join our community group on Facebook

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