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Hey, I'm Rusty

Get Strong - Make Peace with your Body -

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Hey! I'm Rusty, and I'm the owner of Strong[Her] Fitness.

I know first hand the kind of struggle that comes along with asking for help. After years of fighting with my own eating disorders, obsessive calorie counting and body dysmorphia, I wanted to create a safe space where other people could ask questions, find help, and fall back in love with what their body can do.

We're a team of certified trainers and nutritionists that are passionate about helping others attain peace with their body, confidence in their exercise ability, and freedom around food.


At Strong[Her] Fitness we are real people, living everyday lives, confidently.


We exercise because it makes us strong, joyous, and powerful.

We workout because we love our bodies, not because we despise them.

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(289) 990-3277  tamara@strongherfitness.org

Beamsville, Ontario